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weaselly rambles

okay so the first rule o f weasel isWEASEL omg I want to write a LOT about weasel so first I’m going to talk aboutburrows

so weasels burrow a lot in the FUCKING GROUND and make little HIDEY HOLES OMG and they curl up into cute little balls when they go to bed and bc they’re so long like a TUBE omg (omg) (so cute weasels are the best). And then we go hunting sometimes to eat other animals and some types of weasels like for example like STOATS OMG stoats are so cool they eat fucking rabbits OMG SO COOL super cool stoats are great and rabgbits are HUGE so stoats ar e powerful

Anyway now for a more serious note. I’d like to revisit some of the topics I’ve touched upon in the past. I think it’s important to bring up again the systemic issues that impact the lives of all members of the mustela genus day-to-day. Today, I’d like to bring attention to a history of overhunting all types of weasels for their furs. This is absolutely not okay and needs to stop. weasels are important, like really important.

AND NExzT ogm BEES so like bees make honey right? honey tastes really good omg I love it even though weasels usually eat like, mice and whatever. but I like honey and I’m a weasel so that’s really cool !!!you should try honey some time