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just so we're clear - the whole website is getting reworked to move more smoothly. I've added a bar at the top. Most of the pages above don't have new information that isn't already here - but they all have things on them and most of the things on this page are on one of those. Soon I will remove a lot of things from this page except for (1) new things, (2) messages, and (3) basic information.

vocabulary word list!

(this is a great learning the vocabulary! if you're neurodivergent I promise you could stare at this for hours)

The idea behind this is that it'll be part of a course that is a modular set of laminated pieces of paper you can rearrange by hand. You WILL be able to buy physical versions of this laminated eventually! You will also be able to print it out yourself and either laminate or not laminate it, and it will be available online. Feel free to do what you want with it as long as you respect the liscence.

toki pona taso

These will be in sitelen pona, using linja lipamanka

waso fable by lipamanka about where waso comes from and why waso li mu

kili quill writes about how toki ponists shouldn't feel the need to communicate every specific aspect of everything

supa what is a supa? an exploration of what supa means in toki pona.

len tonsi "len tonsi" can have a specific double meaning that is profound and freeing to think about.

kon pan a traditional jewish story I grew up with told from memory in toki pona

toki lipamanka tries (not very hard) to explain what linguistics is in toki pona

essays (click for more info)

direction this essay explores how toki pona describes direction and gives relevant advice to learners

what is pona this essay describes descriptively the concept of "pona" and what it means to dozens of tokiponists surveyed

what is toki pona this essay tries to describe in depth what type of a language toki pona is, and what that means for its speakers.

semantic spaces Every content word in toki pona has a semantic space that interacts with context. This essay discusses the problems with most written defintions of toki pona words, and a possible solution.

descriptivism in toki pona This essay dives into what descriptivism means for toki pona and how to use it to the greatest effect. This essay is in its second draft and feedback is appreciated.

my deviations In this document, I will record all of the things I do in my nasin that are considered weird or not normal and attempt to justify them without advocating for their widespread use.

toki pona dictionary This project is not complete. I don't have very many definitions yet. My goal is to create useful descriptions of the semantic space of every toki pona word. Stay tuned!

lupa rambles Some random rambles I did about lupa, very cool and interesting


the woman and the lilac A short story about finding others like yourself written by sean

worlds This is my new web-serial! Most recent update on April 12, 2023. let me know if you like it!

wezzl stuff

weasel essay this is an essay that wezzl wrote about weasels

weasel rambles omg hi these are some rambles I did about weasels omg yes pls read them

weasel story hi, wezzl here! I wrote a story about a weasel and it's not very well written but I don't think that detracts from how good it is like as a story it's very entertaining in my opinion

weasel plea here is me pleaing to people not to make me into weasel stew

toki pona resources

naming yourself in toki pona The best thing to do when you learn a new language is figure out how to talk about yourself in it, and I am in LOVE with this resource!

Toki Pona: The Language of Good by Sonja Lang Even though it costs money, this course is one of the best and is highly recommended, and it's also written by Sonja Lang herself.

lipu sona This site is my personal favorite course for learning toki pona. I always recommend it to new learners. I like it aesthetically and all of the information in it is trustworthy.

sona.pona.la this site has links to all sorts of toki pona resources and is structured like wikipedia

stuff I like

playing cards these toki pona playing cards are really cute and made by someone who I think is really cute

why "ma pona" is bad this essay focuses on some specific intersections between the intersection between racism/colonialism and toki pona spaces

yiddish dictionary lookup this isn't related to toki pona but it's an AMAZING resource that has helped me reconnect with my heritage and ethnic language

A comparative analysis of Australian English and RP monophthongs this one isn't related to toki pona either but I love trying to read through it because I sound like I'm actually austrailian it's great

regex101 I use this site to format my toki pona stuff on my website so it's accessable to screenreaders

wiktionary it has conjugation and declencion and all sorts of other inflecitonal morphology and has been SO HELPFUL for learning portuguese and whatever other languages I've tried to learn that have complicated morphology

about us

hello! This website is shared by multiple like-minded people who enjoy interesting things, such as toki pona, music, writing, linguistics, disibility justice, cooking, and decolonialism. see below for individual intros. This website is managed and hosted by lipamanka.


lipamanka (they/them), also known as the writer, writes the majority of the essays on this website, and the web serial worlds. they enjoy all of the interests listed above. they are an undergraduate student studying linguistics and doing research on toki pona. you can contact them on discord (lipamanka#2222) or via email (lipamanka at gmail dot com). (None of the other people who share this website want their contact information listed. if you'd like to speak to them, contact lipamanka.)


wezzl (he/it) is a weasel who writes a lot of funny rambly things. everyone loves wezzl because his chaotic nature brings smiles to the darkest corners of life. he enjoys bright yellow and light blue and likes to wear scarves.


sean (he/they/fae/any) is a sweet fellow who enjoys writing and fashion. they are good with kids and spend a lot of time away from the gaze of the city window and the light of the computer.


quill (he/him) doesn't speak english, though he can understand it. when he writes on this website, his posts are in toki pona.

quesiton: can I join lipamanka.gay?

nope! the group is closed off to everyone except for close friends of lipamanka. if you are a close friend of lipamanka the answer might be yes, but otherwise the answer is no. The bond between lipamanka and the others who share this website is powerful and lipamanka considers themselves very lucky to have these friends.

linja lipamanka!

(This is my new super cool sitelen pona font, check it out!)


Accessibility is importnant to me. I've uploaded SVGs to this site instead of images with text on them so that they're screen reader friendly. I hold myself to very high standards when it comes to the quality of these, so I will make sure that the order is right for all of them. If my site is inaccessible for any reason, please let me know and I'll do what I can to fix that! I will add a dark mode button (also for accessibility) at some point, but that isn't here yet :( sorry


special thanks goes to jan Tepo, who helped me out a lot with the formatting of HTML and also in general is really cool. Special thanks also goes to jan Kita who helped teach me how to set up this website when I was starting off and continues to offer relevant advice. Special thanks also to jan Kekan San for letting me use his Dall-e 2 tokens to generate the image that I use for this site's metadata!

give money to these people

kulupu kasi this is my friend who is a bird! (in addition to giving them money, you can also commission them to do cute doodles for 2 dollars or more which I recommend)
magicantace this is my dear friend who recently came under misfortune recently and needs support.
the rats his wheelchair keeps breaking give him money
the nebs I would genuinely do anything for these motherfuckers


here is where there is a button that literally does nothing


This is where I collect my findings about toki ponists using the sona kulupu channel that I made in ma pona pi toki pona, or by speculating or estimating lol. When I say "toki ponists" in the following statistics, I am talking about the limited and biased sample size of people on ma pona pi toki pona. I'm not willing to go into more effort to make this data better though so enjoy some motherfucking statistics:

  1. 51/68 of toki ponists who have an opinion one way or the otherlike jeans
  2. there are a lot of trans toki ponists
sike pona