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(This is my new super cool sitelen pona font, check it out!)

vocabulary word list!

(this is a great learning the vocabulary! if you're neurodivergent I promise you could stare at this for hours)

The idea behind this is that it'll be part of a course that is a modular set of laminated pieces of paper you can rearrange by hand. You WILL be able to buy physical versions of this laminated eventually! You will also be able to print it out yourself and either laminate or not laminate it, and it will be available online. Feel free to do what you want with it as long as you respect the liscence.

essays (click for more info)

direction this essay explores how toki pona describes direction and gives relevant advice to learners

what is pona this essay describes descriptively the concept of "pona" and what it means to dozens of tokiponists surveyed

what is toki pona this essay tries to describe in depth what type of a language toki pona is, and what that means for its speakers.

semantic spaces Every content word in toki pona has a semantic space that interacts with context. This essay discusses the problems with most written defintions of toki pona words, and a possible solution.

descriptivism in toki pona This essay dives into what descriptivism means for toki pona and how to use it to the greatest effect. This essay is in its second draft and feedback is appreciated.

my deviations In this document, I will record all of the things I do in my nasin that are considered weird or not normal and attempt to justify them without advocating for their widespread use.

toki pona dictionaryThis project is not complete. I don't have very many definitions yet. My goal is to create useful descriptions of the semantic space of every toki pona word. Stay tuned!

lupa ramblesSome random rambles I did about lupa, very cool and interesting

If you would like to become a reviewer of my essays, please let me know on discord, or via email! I will send you links to my new essays when I finish the first draft, and you can send me feedback on them before I publish them.


the woman and the lilac A short story about finding others like yourself

worlds This is my new web-serial! Most recent update on Oct 6. let me know if you like it!

toki pona learning resources

Toki Pona: The Language of Good by Sonja Lang Even though it costs money, this course is one of the best and is highly recommended, and it's also written by Sonja Lang herself.

lipu sona This site is my personal favorite course for learning toki pona. I always recommend it to new learners. I like it aesthetically and all of the information in it is trustworthy.

lipu sona pona This course is consistently reliable and has been recommended by many speakers for a long time.

nasin toki pona This isn't a course, but it's a great resource if a detailed descriptive grammar helps you learn. This resource describes the grammar of toki pona in depth.

about me

Howdy do, my name is lipamanka. My prefered head noun is "akesi," mostly becuase it vibes the hardest with me. I'm a tokiponist. I'm nonbinary (they/them) and aroace. I'm a college student studying linguistics. Things I enjoy: toki pona, linguistics, music, chilling, weasels (sometimes I like weasels way too much), cooking. Things I don't like: doxxing myself, loud noises, bigotry, paperwork. I have in the past worked in the board game industry. I'm available on discord (lipamanka#2222) and my email adress is simply my name (lipamanka) at

I've been involved in a lot of toki pona projects. I moderate the kama sona discord server (this is an invite link! beware!). I created the font linja sike. I founded a discord server deticated to sitelen pona and typography surrounding it called ma pi nasin sitelen (discord link!). I am one of the three people who designed the official sitelen pona glyph for the toki pona word "ku." That's about all my major toki pona involvement. I've gotten semi-invested in lots of smaller projects that aren't worth listing here. Two years of nonstop toki pona'll do that to ya!


Accessibility is importnant to me. I've uploaded SVGs to this site instead of images with text on them so that they're screen reader friendly. I hold myself to very high standards when it comes to the quality of these, so I will make sure that the order is right for all of them. If my site is inaccessible for any reason, please let me know and I'll do what I can to fix that! I will add a dark mode button (also for accessibility) at some point, but that isn't here yet :( sorry


special thanks goes to jan Tepo, who helped me out a lot with the formatting of HTML and also in general is really cool. Special thanks also goes to jan Kita who helped teach me how to set up this website when I was starting off and continues to offer relevant advice. Special thanks also to jan Kekan San for letting me use his Dall-e 2 tokens to generate the image that I use for this site's metadata!


here is where there is a button that literally does nothing


This is where I collect my findings about toki ponists using the sona kulupu channel that I made in ma pona pi toki pona, or by speculating or estimating lol. When I say "toki ponists" in the following statistics, I am talking about the limited and biased sample size of people on ma pona pi toki pona. I'm not willing to go into more effort to make this data better though so enjoy some motherfucking statistics:

  1. 51/68 of toki ponists who have an opinion one way or the otherlike jeans
  2. there are a lot of trans toki ponists
sike pona