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toki pona is, put simply, a human language, just like any other! It has a small vocabulary and a very simple grammar. In fact, the grammar is so simple that you can fit the whole thing on one sheet of paper.

Now I bet you’re wondering. Only 120 words? How can you even talk about anything?? This is where the complexity of the language lies. There are a few codependent methods.

So using these tools, a toki pona speaker can master the art of talking around specific concepts they don’t have words for. It isn’t easy! But learning a language never is easy. toki pona just shifts the effort along to a different part of language. Figuring out how to say things is less of “oh what’s that word again” and more like a puzzle, which a lot of people love!

What will YOU do with toki pona?

vocabulary word list!

(this is a great learning the vocabulary! if you're neurodivergent I promise you could stare at this for hours)

Dictionary! (This is a great tool to get to KNOW the semantic spaces of each word!)

Limited ediction picture #2!

click on the button to reveal the picture!

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