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stuff I like

playing cards these toki pona playing cards are really cute and made by someone who I think is really cute

why "ma pona" is bad this essay focuses on some specific intersections between the intersection between racism/colonialism and toki pona spaces

yiddish dictionary lookup this isn't related to toki pona but it's an AMAZING resource that has helped me reconnect with my heritage and ethnic language

A comparative analysis of Australian English and RP monophthongs this one isn't related to toki pona either but I love trying to read through it because I sound like I'm actually austrailian it's great

regex101 I use this site to format my toki pona stuff on my website so it's accessable to screenreaders

wiktionary it has conjugation and declencion and all sorts of other inflecitonal morphology and has been SO HELPFUL for learning portuguese and whatever other languages I've tried to learn that have complicated morphology