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lipamanka’s guide to linguistics terminology


Okay I haven’t really seen one of these yet on the internet. I think it would be super cool if there was one of these accessible to people, so they could look up ling terms. It will also serve as a catalogue of terms that I know. As the list gets bigger I will add better ways of organizing it. Terms will be explained in easy to grasp ways and will show examples. For the time being this will just be a static page with short definitions of the subfields of linguistics.


First of all, what is linguistics? linguistics is the science of language. Depending on who you are and what you do, that might seem broad or narrow. What is language? How do languages differ from each other? Why is this important? Linguistics can be broken down into subfields and Interdisciplinary fields.

Subfields of linguistics are smaller in scope than general linguistics. It is uncommon to find a linguist who knows about all of these subfields. Here are the primary subfields of linguistics, what they mean, and links to their sections below (some of which will be empty for a while).

interdisciplinary fields are types of linguistics that involve another field of study.

Why is this important?

uh idk I think it’s cool (I have some cool reasons I’m just too tired to write them out besides just name dropping “language revitalization” and “environmentalism” and “alternative ways of knowing encoded into culture through language”