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about us

hello! This website is shared by multiple like-minded people who enjoy interesting things, such as toki pona, music, writing, linguistics, disibility justice, cooking, and decolonialism. see below for individual intros. This website is managed and hosted by lipamanka.


lipamanka (they/them), also known as the writer, writes the majority of the essays on this website, and the web serial worlds. they enjoy all of the interests listed above. they are an undergraduate student studying linguistics and doing research on toki pona. you can contact them on discord (lipamanka#2222) or via email (lipamanka at gmail dot com). (None of the other people who share this website want their contact information listed. if you'd like to speak to them, contact lipamanka.)


wezzl (he/it) is a weasel who writes a lot of funny rambly things. everyone loves wezzl because his chaotic nature brings smiles to the darkest corners of life. he enjoys bright yellow and light blue and likes to wear scarves.


sean (he/they/fae/any) is a sweet fellow who enjoys writing and fashion. they are good with kids and spend a lot of time away from the gaze of the city window and the light of the computer.


quill (he/him) doesn't speak english, though he can understand it. when he writes on this website, his posts are in toki pona.

quesiton: can I join lipamanka.gay?

nope! the group is closed off to everyone except for close friends of lipamanka. if you are a close friend of lipamanka the answer might be yes, but otherwise the answer is no. The bond between lipamanka and the others who share this website is powerful and lipamanka considers themselves very lucky to have these friends.