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linja lipamanka

linja lipamanka is a font made by lipamanka with a few very important design goals.

  1. it is a font by toki ponists everywhere. That means anyone can see their ideas in the font, weather that be an alt glyph for jaki that they designed, a nimisin they made, their own personal name glyph, or even a feature or usage of sitelen pona that I added.
  2. it is a font for the toki pona community. Whatever happens in the production of linja lipamanka, it is to better the community, draw people together, and give people the opportunity to use sitelen pona easily.
  3. it uses design principles chosen for legibility. There are a few things I do to accomplish this. The most important one is using the proportions of sitelen pona symbols from pu. For example, palisa is very thin and long. The second most important one is monospacing. For logographies that function as sitelen pona does, monospacing is very important for legibility, otherwise sitelen pona looks far too cramped.

Unfortunately, these design goals conflict slightly. Some feature requests might not work without compromising the monospacing, which is something I’m not willing to do. Or perhaps people might want alt versions of glyphs that have different proportions to pu, and because that has such a negative effect on legibility I refuse to do that. (This “sitelen pona pona.”) But all in all, this font is designed based on what I mentioned above, which is why I believe it will be the most suitable font for sitelen pona out there.

I will keep features and font files updated on this site once I have finished supporting UCSUR completely.