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liminal weasel

a weasel WAITS for the game to begin
silent faces pace abovce in a vcricle
then they take an ELEVATOR downstairs
and the weasel says “WEASEL”
(it’s true, I was there -local catgirl)

there were three genders present:

the best gender was of course the weasel one.

erique stood nearby (it’s past tesne now)
ërique is a bitch” said everybody (oh FUCK my portuguese keyboard is on >:( time to turn it ufOFF

erique agrees (it’s not past tense anyrmoe)
and then everyone made EYE CONTACT with weasels
weasels started pouring out of the walls
they had been going on jounreys trhough time and space
to reach their destinations

people started talking about NOT SAFE FOR WORK so the weasel left and went through the walls to another place. In this new place there were lots of tubes that weasels were travelling through. so the weasel travelled through a tube. it went up and down and left and right, and somehow, even though the tubes were FILLED and were OVERFLOWING with weasels, the weasel never bumped into another weasel. all the weasels were doing traditional weasel dances and running back and forth in the tubes. finally our protagonist weasel reached a portal to another place at a different time.

in this new world everyone was wearing goggles and everyone was also giant worms. but like, elegant worms. extravagant worms. they were dressed in beautifully decorated goggles. they showed off their goggles to one another. they danced in circles above each other. they compared their goggles and bragged about how much money they spent on them. their spiraling sped up and the weasel got dizzy and went through the walls to find another place at a different time.

on the way the waesel passed by another weasel who it knew. this weasel’s name was margret and she was a badass ( but NOT a girlbox _) (but she WAS a box because she had this superpower where she could contain things inside of her mouth like a

okay sorr y I got distracted I had to relocate (like other weasels do across the world due to climate change) but anyway I think margret was going to be a good example of why weaseld DON’T HAVE GENDER();

okay so and then the weasel wend t down th e tube and started eating things and yelling and then got bored and stopped existing… FOR NOW

(to be CONTINUED???)