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weasels are fucking the best

by a fucking weasel

HELLO I’mm a fucking weasel and I’m here to talk about why weasels are AMAZING okay so

first of all I wanna talk about running around in circles right so weasels do this all the time and it’s the BEST like you should look it up on the internet “weasels running around in circles” uwu second of all like imagine a weasel running around in a circle in your mind. some weasels (including me) do this (running around inside people’s minds) it’s pretty cool and it feels great

next I wanna talk about why YOU shsould become a fFUCKING WEASEL right now so like
tenpo ni la mi wile toki e tan ni: sina o kama fFUCKING kijetesnatkalau

  1. you will be a TUBE
  2. you will be able to RUN ARONND IN CIRCLES
  4. weasel
  5. being a weasel is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unatural
  6. slippery and hard to hold
  7. weasels do not have genders.

now for a more serious note

I want to talk about the stigma around being FUCKING WEASEL. Unfortunately, there are systemic trends of people associating harmful stereotypes with weasels, including being shnivvling kniving evil beings that are sneaky and will cheat you out of your money and have bad political opinions. These misconseptions are bad and harm the weasel community.


weasel weasel weasel weasel the other day I was thinking about being a weasel and how it relates to being a weasel

Q – hwo do I become a weasel
A – okay so

  1. close your eyes
  2. how are u reading this lmao
  3. find someone else to read this for you or comit the steps to memeory because your eyes must be closed
  4. Enter the place that your mind’s eye sees. Feel yourself and the control you have over reality.
  5. become weasel

Q – amazing I am going to do this nwo