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PLEASE do not eat me

by a fucking WEASEL (again)

I have something to FUKCIGN SAY

So first of all I said I wanted to eat rabbits because weasels do that (specifically stoats, which are like a TYPE OF WEASEL) and then this happened

I need to stress the imortnats of WHY i shoULD not be eaten !@!@ so first of all let me make a list

  1. second of all let me rememver what I was thinking about
  2. okay so number three weasels are OVERHUNTED for our pELTS
  3. not very nice!!! :(
  4. okay I will admit it was kinda funnny
  5. BUT EVEN SO i am scared that I will get chased around with fucking knives and will get my skin peeled off :( pls don’t do that :(

So for these reasons (all six of them are pretty good imo) you should N"EAT ME please 🥺