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click to download printable pdf image/svg+xml TOKI PONA VOCABULARY v1 What is toki pona? toki pona is a constructed language with a vocabulary of just over 120 words. It wascreated by Sonja Lang in 2001 and as of late 2022, has over two thousand speakers. I've included the most essential words here that are not grammatical particles. What is sitelen pona? sitelen pona is the most used writing system for toki pona besides the latin alphabet. It's a logography, so each word gets one symbol. It's helpful to learntoki pona and sitelen pona at the same time, which is what this resource is for! a ah! huh. hm? ehh...ha! wow. oh! akesi lizard, reptile, amphibian; ex:snake, frog, lizard ala no, not,nothing alasa hunt, forage,search for;try ale/ali all, everything anpa under, beneath;shame, defeat, beat ante different, alter,changed, other awen stay, remain,protected; continue esun buy, sell, trade, swap, shop, market ijo thing, something,being, action ike bad, worsen, negativequality; ex: too hard,oversimplified, useless ilo tool, instrument,machine, utensil; ex: AI, computer, plough,engine, spoon insa interior, contents,internal organ or componentex: lungs, motherboard jaki yucky, dirty,filth, shit, sick,disease jan person, being; ex: MarshaP Johnson, chief, Sonja Lang,worker, friend jelo yellowy colors jo hold, carry, bring;have, own kala fish, swimming creature;ex: whale, submarine,angler fish kalama make noise,sound, music;ex: humm, whir, static,pop, ripping paper kama arrive; become kasi plant; ex: tree, bush,orchid, vine, root, cactus ken ability, permission,allow, possibility;be able kepeken using kili edible plant;fruit, veggie kiwen hard substance, ex:rock, wood, glass,ice, metal, hard plastic ko semisolid, paste, powder, sticky, fluffy, squishy; ex:slug, sponge, halva, glue,stuffing, clay, sand kon unseen agent; air,gas, essense, spirit,meaning kule color; sensoryquality: pitch,flavor pallet,texture kulupu group, community,society, plural system kute ear; hear, listen lape sleep, rest,break, hiatus laso blueish, greenish,blueish purpleish lawa head, mind, leader,control, guide, regulate len woven, fabric, cloth, clothing, cover,hide, hidden lete cold lili small, young,few linja line, string, rope,flexible long thing,hair, worm lipu paper, book, document,collection of writing,website, file loje reddish, orangeish lon exist, reality, truth,in the context of,at, during luka hand, arm, fingers,prehensile organ,touch with hand lukin eye, look, see, read, watch; try lupa hole, trench, divot, window,passageway;ex: bagel hole ma earth, ground,place, location;ex: country, city, campus mama parent, caretaker,ancestor, familial mani currency, large domesticated landanimals used for tradeex: goats, wampum, pennies meli woman(ish),feminine mi I, we, me, us, my, our mije man(ish),masculine moku eat, consume,food, nutrients moli die, kill monsi back, ass,space behind mu animal noise;ex: woof, meow,awoo, ribbit, plateshattering, baa mun stars, moon, celestialbody; ex: saturn,alpha centuri, theandromeda galaxy musi fun, entertaining,game, play; ex: Minecraft, tennis,music, the Mona Lisa mute many, amount,very nanpa number, mathematical, code; marks ordinal numbers nasa weird quality,intoxicated, unexpected;ex: neurodivergent,queer, kink, eccentric,drunk, high nasin road, path, way,method, doctrine,religion; ex: highway 48,communism, Taoism nena mountain, bump,protrusion, nose;ex: spike, button, nob,hook, hill, cyst ni this; that, yonder(demonstrative) nimi name, word,sentence noka leg, foot, organof locomotion;ex: table legs, wheels,music stand, mobility aid olin respect, appreciate,love, admire ona they, it, any thirdperson pronoun open beginning, start,activate, turn on pakala damaged, mistake,fuck up, break pali work, make palisa stick, pole, rod,long unflexible object pan grain, starchy,bread pana emit, give, setin motion; ex:teach, throw pilin emotion, feel,touching, opinion pimeja shadow, darkness,night, blackness pini finished, completed,passed, over, deactivateturn off, close pipi bug-like creature,worm, creepy crawly;ex: crab, butterfly, ant, spider poka hip, side, nearby,riverbank, vicinity;contextual poki box, container,grouping, labelex: chest, pocket,coathook pona good, positivequality; ex: useful,soothing, easy, challenging pu to interact with TokiPona: the Language of Good (by Sonja Lang) sama similar, same,sibling, peer seli fire, heat, cook,chemical reaction selo skin, bark, outer layer, protectivebarrier seme what? which?who? sewi above, up, high,divine, sacred, god sijelo body, form, shape, material sike circle, round,cycle; yearly sin new, anew, again,young, fresh sina you, y'all,your, y'all's sinpin face, front, in front,foremost; wall sitelen picture, movie, image,symbols; draw, write;ex: semicolon; sona know, information;know how soweli land mammal,fluffy animal,animal that runs;ex: ostrich, deer, cat suli big, important,long, tall, adult suno sun, light source,brightness, day,light; ex: lamp supa table, chair, bed,flat furniture, surfacefor putting things on suwi sweet, cute,fragrant, innocent tan from, because;origin, reason taso but, however;alone, only, sole tawa towards, for, fromthe perspective of;moving, motion telo liquid water, fluid,changing shape like a liquid tenpo situation, era, time,duration, moment toki talking, communicating,giving information,language; ex: french,scold, tell tomo home, house, room,shelter, living space tu cut, double,separated; two unpa to have sex with,sex, erotic uta mouth, oral opening,feeding organ utala war, battle, fight,vigorous practice,rigorous test taking walo whiteish,light color wan united, married;one waso bird, flying creature;ex: airplane, eagle, bat wawa strong, powerful,energetic, intense,electricity, confident weka away, beyond, far,remove, steal,leave, ignored wile want, desire, wish, tendancy, intention; ex: hunger, sleepiness,greed tonsi trans person, nonbinary,gender non-conforming,not cisgender, etc namako spice, herb, extra, garnish,additional, ornamental,the cherry on top; ex:paprika, the word "namako" kin also, in addition monsuta spooky, scary,monster; ex: MikeWazowski, arachnophobia lipamanka the creator of this resource linja lipamanka the font for sitelen pona usedin this resource Licenced under CC BY-SA 4.0